Unfinished business in Death Valley

Here’s my report of the Death Valley Double Century. Whew! That was one tough ride. I’m sorry to say I didn’t finish. But still, it was a great day – any day upright on the bike is a great day. … Continue reading


Rio Verde/Moon Valley loop, starting from the Gainey Ranch Fitness center Saturday, January 9th I cruise up Mountain View Rd, past 100th St, on a popular route that will take me out to Fountain Hills. I feel weird on the … Continue reading

Hill climbing vairagya

Let me tell you a secret to a great hill climb: vairagya. “Excuse me,” you say. “Did you just say V-i-a-g-r-a? You take one of those pills to ‘get up’ the hill? Who knew?” Ha ha! No, not V-i-a-g-r-a, but vairagya. … Continue reading

Swirling chitta vrittis

Swirling what? It seems our yoga teachers love to throw out Sanksrit words whenever they can. I guess to sound exotic and all knowledgeable or something. (Just kidding!) Anyway, chitta can be translated as “mind stuff” or “of the mind.” The … Continue reading

Remembering to breathe in cycling dreamtime

Have you ever tried to become aware that you are dreaming, while you are dreaming? I’ve tried it. I’ve never succeeded. One trick that supposedly works is to look for your hands in the dream. It’s claimed this will help trigger … Continue reading