Fall Death Valley Double 2013

The Fall Death Valley Double route: Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells, then back northwest along Scotty’s Castle Road, turning northeast up Grapevine Canyon to Scotty’s Castle, northeast along Bonnie Claire Flats to Highway 95 in Nevada, back to Scotty’s Castle, … Continue reading

Grand Tour Double 2013

The Grand Tour Lowland Route. The official distance is 198.7 miles, though my GPS and the profile above shows a few miles shorter than that. Approximately 5,800 feet of climbing. Dateline: Malibu, CA, June 22, 2013 A large pack of … Continue reading

Fall Death Valley Double 2012

The Fall Death Valley Double Century Route, starting at Furnace Creek, going out to Stovepipe Wells, then on up to Scotty’s Castle, and then north/northeast to Hwy 95 in Nevada for the turn around point, returning to Scotty’s Castle, then … Continue reading

New River / Tonto Hills Ultra Century

A 153 mile route, passing by Lake Pleasant, New River, Joy Ranch Rd, Spur Cross Ranch, Double Canyon Ranch, Carefree Towers / Tonto Hills, the climbs of Dynamite and Jomax, and the Hills of Via Linda. 6,000 feet of climbing … Continue reading

California Triple Crown

Though hobbled at the moment, I’ve had a successful cycling year already, having completed my goal of finishing three double centuries in California (Hemet, Davis, and the Grand Tour) during the spring and early summer, and thus won the right … Continue reading

A grand time on the Grand Tour Double

The Grand Tour Double, Lowland Route, 2011 edition, put on by the L.A. Wheelman Club, touted as America’s oldest double century. The Lowland Route, pictured here, goes from Malibu, (starting right across from Pepperdine University), and makes its way along the Pacific … Continue reading

Davis Double 2011

Another double century under my belt, this time the Davis Double. With the exception of a sore back, all went well. While apparently in previous years the riders suffered mightily under stifling heat, this year, the weather was as good … Continue reading

Crazy talk

Summaries of conversations I hear all the time: Conversation #1 First Person: “I’m doing an Ironman next weekend.” Second Person: “Wow! That’s awesome. Good luck!” Conversation #2 First Person: “I’m doing a double century next weekend.” Second Person: “That’s just crazy.” … Continue reading

Hemet Double 2011 Report

April 16, 2011 — A magical day on the Hemet Double Well, that was one fine ride I just completed: the Hemet Double Century in Hemet, CA. I had a magical day, feeling good the whole way. My legs seemed … Continue reading