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Usery Pass Loop

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Usery Pass Loop: Starting from Power & McDowell, in northeast Mesa.  From the north the pass is 3.5 miles long, with approximately 660 feet of climbing.

Usery Pass is located in one of the more scenic areas just outside the Phoenix metro area, near the Salt River Recreation Area and Saguaro Lake. I’ve shown the loop in a clockwise direction. The pass is much easier to climb from the south (counterclockwise) than from the north (clockwise), though neither direction is all that difficult. From the south, expect 2% grades, nothing more. From the north, you’ll see mostly 3-4% grades, with an occasional 6%.

This pass is part of the Perimeter Cycling’s Tour de Mesa event, and if you are riding at race speeds and tackling this climb after 50 miles, it can feel like a big mountain.

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