The AJ’s store is/was on the way to many of the popular training routes in the east Scottsdale / Fountain Hills area. Went down to AJ’s this morning, the one on the corner of Mountain View and Via Linda in east … Continue reading

One Hill at a Time

A Fountain Hills / Hills of Via Linda climbing extravaganza and metric century, with over 3,100 feet of climbing. The popular Hummingbird climb in Paradise Valley was added as a bonus on the way home. Shoulder stabilization exercises in physical … Continue reading

Riders in the Bry

Riders in the Bry. There are many. Some real, some imagined. There’s Mr. Alpine Dreamer: Hill-climber extraordinaire, ready to leap tall mountains in a single pedal stroke. Spirit’s in the high places. Known to stay in mountain pose all day long. There’s … Continue reading

I think I can’t

Many routes look harder than they really are. Driving up (or down) a mountain pass in your car, you might think there is no way you could ever ride that course on your bike. But you know what? I’ll bet … Continue reading

Restless body syndrome

I recently attended the first in a series of classes on yoga nidra, a deep relaxation technique otherwise known as “yogic sleep.” Taking these classes seemed like a good idea at the time — who doesn’t need to “learn how to relax?” … Continue reading