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Bartlett Lake from Sundial

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The ride to Bartlett Lake is a 40 mile round trip from the Carefree Sundial (near the corner of Tom Darlington Rd and Cave Creek Rd.) There’s a lot of climbing on this route — almost 4,000 feet worth.

April 14, 2013

As another edition of the Los Coyotes Sunday ride, I led a group of four out to Bartlett Lake and back. Well, “led” is somewhat a misnomer, as Roland, one of our companions, zoomed up the climbs and out to the lake in short order. He was way ahead of the rest of us. I stayed back with Nancy and Josephine, the two gals that came out, to encourage them up the first climb and on to the lake. This route is tough even if you are in shape, and neither of them had done that much riding this spring. I would have been more worried about them, but Lynsey also came along – in her van, and served as sag for us. I knew if anybody got seriously gassed, they’d have an easy ride out.

We almost had a fifth rider, as Thad did show up at the start, (and he gets credit for that!), but his attempt to fix a flat tire at the start was not successful, and we noticed said tire was really in poor shape, with threads showing. He decided maybe that was a sign he should just head over to the Black Mtn Café for an early breakfast.

I was almost glad I “got” to ride slow and stay with the gals. I didn’t have that much energy in the first place, and it was nice to have time to enjoy the scenery and take a bunch of pictures.

Speaking of which …


Nancy and Josephine top the climb to Bartlett Lake Junction northeast of Carefree.


I’m still decked out in early morning layers, eight miles in. It was a bit chilly at the start, but the day was really quite nice.


The ride to Bartlett Lake has some mighty fine scenery, especially in the spring.


The three of us at the lake. Photo by Lynsey.


Josephine starts the long climb out.


Nancy all a smiling – for some reason. Isn’t there 14 miles of climbing to do?


The desert in its seasonal splendor.


About four miles up at this point.


Hmm, Nancy, where’s that smile now?


Near the five mile mark – the first climb just about completed.


Desert globe mallow in its splendor.


Nancy tops the first climb. She was determined to finish the whole route, and she did, all 40 miles of it. Way to go Nancy!


“Sheriff Joe” was struggling today, but managed to do all but the last climb. I give her a lot of credit for trying – many of our riding buddies never even bothered to come out. Too bad, they missed a really nice outing.


One of the bikes had an untimely demise on the way home. Here’s what happens if you don’t strap your bike to the rack properly and it bounces off on the freeway. Names shall go unnamed here.


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  1. Bryan, thanks for the pics and write-up. It was a wonderful day. So glad we did the ride. Also, thanks for babysitting Josephine and me.

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