Spring in them thar hills

View from Sun Ridge Parkway, Fountain Hills, AZ

Fountain Hills Circuit Mar_10_13

Fountain Hills Circuit Mar_10_13 Histogram

Fountain Hills circuit (minus the big  kahuna – the top of Golden Eagle), starting from the Gainey Village Shopping Center. 38.5 miles with roughly 2100 feet of climbing.

Early spring edition of “Bryan’s Sunday Ride”

I know – I need to come up with a better name than “Bryan’s Sunday Ride”. But on my way to the start this morning I saw two coyotes standing in the middle of the road on Double Tree. So maybe I should call my Sunday Ride the “Dos Coyotes Ride.” I’ll use that for a while, and see if it sticks. I don‘t know who or what the “Dos Coyotes” are, so that’s a puzzle.

Anyway, five riders came out today: Tom, Lynsey, Roland, Stephanie, and yours truly. All are commended for choosing to ride today, as opposed to many of our cycling friends who would rather stay home and lie on the couch and watch TV and eat Cheetos – or whatever they do on Sunday mornings. Some of our cycling friends chose to go hiking today, instead of biking. I mean, really … (just teasing!)

Spring in the hills – and a spring in our step

To those who didn’t come out today? You really missed a treat. This was a great day for cycling. Gorgeous weather: sunny and clear, with brisk-to-cool-to-mild temperatures. A mostly pleasant route, (with great views and fast descents), spring flowers providing splotches of color to enjoy, snow on the mountains northeast of town, and cycling companions adventurous enough to try whatever hills I threw at them. What more could a person ask for?

Mountain Pose

This was a “Mountain Pose” ride – a day to be “in the state of hill climbing.” Not to do a set number of hills, but rather to go out in the direction of said hills, and climb them one at at time, till we felt like not climbing any more. We managed to do all but two on the menu: Golden Eagle (a 20% monster), and Scottsdale Mtn (a 10-12% monster – mild in comparison to Golden Eagle, though). One rider has a regular double chain ring on his bike that would have made it difficult to tackle Golden Eagle. Another rider is still a bit afraid of going downhill fast. So I steered us around the really steep stuff.


Lynsey and Roland from the top of Palisades Blvd.


Stephanie and Tom pausing before the downhill. ‘Tis not often you see snow from Phoenix so late in the winter.


Some random guy that Tom happened to take a picture of. Looks like that guy stole my bike.

Stephanie keeps going and going

A special call-out and kudos to Stephanie for coming out and doing all the climbs with us – even after saying she wasn’t going to do the last climb (Hidden Hills). A trooper you are Stephanie, and quite a bike rider given the number of times around the sun you’ve experienced. We’re all impressed.


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  1. Nice ride! So did you have any problem riding past the gate on Hidden Hills and have you heard any update on the official closure there?

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