Reatta Pass Loop

Reatta Pass Loop

Reatta Pass Loop Histogram

Reatta Pass Loop, starting from Gainey Village Shopping Center (Scottsdale & DoubleTree). Approximately 1600 feet of climbing.

Ramping up the fitness

The past few weeks I’ve been trying to get back into some semblance of fitness, and part of this has been to lead Sunday rides – mainly comprising of riders from the Los Freeloaders group. Some are good at climbing hills, some not. Though I’m willing to climb any or all hills, my climbing kinda sucks these days, really. That’s why I tackle the beasts. Guess I like to torture myself or something.

Last Sunday’s edition was up to the Reatta Pass area, where we climbed the hill on Dynamite Blvd, and then threw in an additional climb up Jomax. From the Gainey Village area, this makes a good route to toughen those legs. Featured is a lot of 2% grades – the kind of grades I suck at. I’d rather have either flat roads, or 6% switchbacks, personally.

Though cloudy, we had relatively nice weather, and all six in the group finished just fine. Featured were Tom, Joe, Phil, Lynsey, Roland, and Moi. Kudos to those who actually came out to ride. As for you others, ahem … (just kidding.)

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