Down the dog

Other than when I was out of commission due to shoulder injury, the past few months have been the longest dry spell I’ve had when it comes to riding. I’ve only been out on the bike a few times since last October — due to a combination of cold / rainy weather, having a long protracted cold myself, and simply not having the motivation. My only form of exercise has been walking the dog once or twice a day, and a few sessions of yoga.

My yoga practice has been sporadic, and as a result my legs and arms feel like concrete, so inflexible they are, and not being able to get full range of motion with my shoulder is a downer. The warrior poses aren’t comfortable, triangle pose painful, and my experience with crescent pose is hardly recognizable from what it used to be. I remember when that was my favorite pose and always felt good and just challenging enough, especially when we used to add the balancing twists to that pose.

I’m simply not enjoying the yoga classes these days, and really have to push myself to go. I miss going to power yoga class, doing repetitive sun salutations, and frankly, have been finding basics class kinda boring.

But all is not lost! Why, just the other day, I did my first downward dog that didn’t hurt — for the first time since my accident — over a year and a half ago! Woo hoo!

Granted, my form for this pose isn’t quite there, but not having it hurt is quite the milestone.

And, without me doing much in the way of specific exercises for it, my range of motion is coming back. External rotation is almost back to normal, and internal rotation too. Much to my surprise, I can do yoga mudra, something I thought I’d never do again. These are significant accomplishments, of which I am grateful.

Next up? I’ve been mulling over cycling goals for the year, and have mostly decided to focus my attention on other things. That being said, I think I will do the Grand Tour Double come June. It’d be a nice goal that’s quite doable, and will keep me training on the bike. And the Grand Tour is one, big, all-day rolling party.

I’ll probably sign up for the Death Valley Double next fall too. Maybe the fourth time will be the charm.


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  1. Bry… you are the only person I know that can go from “I’m not riding” to “I think I’ll do a double century” in just a couple of sentences. You go, boy.

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