The Chair

The chair

This post is in honor of “The Chair”, my constant companion and torture device the past four weeks, after having a second surgery on my shoulder.

This chair is technically called a CPM, a continuous passive motion device. Its purpose in life is to move an arm up and down, (in this case my right arm) – both in abduction (out to the side and then up), and external rotation (rotating clockwise from the elbow) – and to do this over and over.

Now the fact that I can say abduction and external rotation tells you a lot about how long I’ve been in therapy. I know all the buzz words. I’m approaching almost nine months of having my shoulder worked on by others, and could almost pass the test to become a physical therapist. I’ve seen all their tricks.

Nine months! Who knew a silly little crash would cause so much commotion.

After my second surgery, I was prescribed to use The Chair four to six hours a day, as a way of keeping scar tissue from reforming in my shoulder. (The surgery’s purpose was to remove scar tissue that formed after the first surgery, way back last August).

Four to six hours day!

The arm goes up, the arm goes down. The arm goes up, the arm goes down. The arm goes … are we done yet?

If you think exercising on an indoor bike trainer is boring, (I can personally stand about an hour on an indoor trainer, and that’s it), you ain’t seen nothing. The Chair is boredom squared. Minutes seem like hours. There’s not much you can do while sitting in The Chair, so I watched a lot of TV – sports, movies, sitcoms, science channels, history channels, funny animal videos, and reality TV shows I will never admit watching …

I was even known to fall asleep:

The chair and me

While every one else was outside riding their bikes for real in the ideal spring weather of Phoenix, I got to sit in The Chair and become a mere donut of my former self, and watch all of the spring cycling classics, such as the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Nice, Paris-Roubaix, Flech-Wallone, Liege-Bastone-Liege, Tour of Romandie. Every time a cyclist would go down, I would wince, and my shoulder would feel the pain, in some sort of sympathetic reaction.

But my time with The Chair is almost up. Only a few more days, and we get to part ways.

And I’ll never complain again about an indoor bike trainer. Ha!


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  1. I am glad the chair is helping the shoulder,, and that its getting better, its all about patience when dealing with body repair and recovery, smiles,,

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