Los Freeloaders climb Eagle Ridge

Freeloaders Eagle Ridge Route

Freeloaders Eagle Ridge Route Profile

Our route for the day: A few of the climbs out Fountain Hills and Via Linda way. Approximately 2,000 feet elevation gain.

Went riding with the Los Freeloaders today, and managed to get them to go out to Fountain Hills and do the Eagle Ridge climb. I even coerced them into doing a few of the Via Linda climbs: Desert Cove, and 1/2 of Scottsdale Mountain. A few then made the mistake of following me up 135th St off Larkspur, where a short, steep, little climb lurks.

And they need this climbing. Some of them are doing the Bicycle Tour of Colorado next month. Me thinks, though, that these little hills are a poor substitute for what they will be facing in the Rockies. I think Trail Ridge in Estes Park is a wee bit longer, and a wee bit higher. Ha!

For me, the ride today ended up being a metric century. For most of them it was 50 miles a “quarter double century.”

Hey, it’s a good way to think about it. Sets the proper mindset. Ha!

Here’s a few pics I took along the way:


Ted and Sally complete the Shea climb and turn onto Palisades Boulevard.


Ted’s in the lead up Palisades! (Not really, but we’ll give him the glory.)


Sally slogs up the last few feet of the Palisades climb.


While Josephine paces Philip.


Peter cruises to the top of Eagle Ridge, our high point for the day, with others in tow.


Is that “V” for victory? Or is Sally trying to tell us she climbed this twice? Ha! We know better.


Come on Ted! Only a little further!


Tom is passed by a usurper in our midst.


Phillip gives us his version of a victory sign.


Josephine cruises in. We won’t mention she was last. Oops. We just did.


To the right of Ted’s back, 100 feet below, is the cul-de-sac at top of the Hidden Hills climb. I guess that extra 100 feet is all he needs to say he’s “trained up” for the Bicycle Tour of Colorado.


The saguaros are blooming. It must be May, and we must be in Arizona.

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