Davis Double 2011

Another double century under my belt, this time the Davis Double. With the exception of a sore back, all went well. While apparently in previous years the riders suffered mightily under stifling heat, this year, the weather was as good … Continue reading

Crazy talk

Summaries of conversations I hear all the time: Conversation #1 First Person: “I’m doing an Ironman next weekend.” Second Person: “Wow! That’s awesome. Good luck!” Conversation #2 First Person: “I’m doing a double century next weekend.” Second Person: “That’s just crazy.” … Continue reading

Los Freeloaders climb Eagle Ridge

Our route for the day: A few of the climbs out Fountain Hills and Via Linda way. Approximately 2,000 feet elevation gain. Went riding with the Los Freeloaders today, and managed to get them to go out to Fountain Hills … Continue reading

South Mountain 4×4

South Mountain 4×4 – To the towers 4 times followed by San Juan Point 4 times, plus occasional forays back to the ranger station for food and water.  (We should have parked our trucks at San Juan Junction. Doh!) 8,100+ … Continue reading