The lucky one

You’re the lucky one, so I’ve been told,
As free as the wind blowing down the road…

When out riding with friends, I suspect they wonder why I’m often quiet, not saying much, just riding along.

I’m being quiet because there’s usually a song or two in spinning around in my head*, as I spin around on my bike.

One such song is The Lucky One, by Alison Krauss, one of my favorite bluegrass musicians. This song is often in my head on those days when I’m feeling lucky — lucky to be out riding when the weather is nice, the wind is at my back, and the riding is easy.

* These songs are conjured up from memory when I’m out riding — I don’t and won’t ride with any sort of earphone in my ear. I likes to hear the traffic and heads-up warnings from my fellow riders. I wish all riders would follow suit.

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